Federal Tax Credits in 2020

Federal Tax Credits in 2020If you have ever thought about solar, 2020 is the year to make it happen. Federal tax credits in 2020 are set to either sunset or be substantially reduced at the end of the year. And depending on the politics in our great country, solar tax credits may or may not come around again. So it is a better time than ever to consider investing in solar

Many people live in neighborhoods and they see solar going up all around them. But they still wonder, “Is solar a good fit for my home?” With solar tax credits and many companies offering zero dollars down, there has never been a better time for solar.

How Much Can I Save With Solar?

So if you own your home and plan to live there for a while, it is a great time to consider solar. Many people wonder how much they can actually save by investing in solar PV. This is a difficult question to answer, as every home is different. And there are many factors that determine the actual savings you can realize.

The best thing to do is contact a qualified, licensed solar provider in your area and schedule a free consultation. Some companies charge for consultation, so make sure to check their website and find out which companies charge for consultation. You should never have to pay for a solar consultation.

And if your home qualifies for zero dollars down, then the decision really becomes a no brainer. If you can save several hundred dollars a month on your power bill, and there is no upfront investment, then the decision becomes quite easy. The key is determining whether or not you qualify, which is an easy process.

Benefits of Investing in Residential Solar

There are many benefits to investing in residential solar. Many people think of tax credits, but there are many other great reasons as well. A few of these are increasing your home value, reducing your monthly power bill, and maybe most importantly is reducing the burden on mother earth.

No matter your reason for considering solar, it will most likely be an excellent decision both financially and environmentally. Learn more about the many benefits of investing in solar.

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